Why Remove Mold from Your Roof And How to Go About It

February 27, 2023

Is it possible to completely remove mold from your roof? A roof is one of the most core components of any home. After all, a home simply cannot be a home if it doesn’t have a roof. A roof protects you from many things like rain, snow, pollution, intruders, and whatnot. It’s quite easy to understand why it’s so important to take care of your roof.

Mold growth is one of the things which can heavily compromise the structural integrity of your roof. For the same reason, you should do your best to prevent it. There are quite a few reasons why you should remove mold from your roof. And not doing this in a timely manner can have several consequences for your health as well as your finances.

Why is it Important to Remove Mold from Your Roof?

There’s a number of reasons why you should remove mold from your roof. These include the following:

1. They Look Bad:

Your roof is a very visible part of your home to any set of eyes that look at your home from the outside. Everyone wants their home to look beautiful. And unfortunately, mold looks quite ugly with its black color. Not to mention the stains they leave too! Mold can make even the most beautiful homes look bad.

2. It Can Move:

Mold isn’t just something that’ll stay in one single place. It grows. And eventually, it’ll spread out to cover even more area. The worst part is it can even grow onto adjacent surfaces. Mold can even travel through your roof towards the inside. One can only imagine the damage it does along the way. In simple words, it can compromise the health of your roof. You wouldn’t want your roof to come crashing down on your head during a storm.

3. It Can Cause Health Problems:

Mold growth on the inside of your home can cause harm to the people living within the home. Mold has been known to cause several health issues for individuals which include allergies, asthma, and lung inflammation to name a few.

4. It’s Difficult to Get Rid of:

Mold is a rather stubborn thing to deal with. Once it starts growing, it should be removed right there and then. Don’t wait! The longer you allow it to grow, the more difficult it’ll become to get rid of because it gets entrenched over time.

5. Rodents:

You might be an animal lover but you probably wouldn’t want rodents invading your home and make it their living space. If that’s the case then you should probably know that mold attracts rodents within your household if you allow it to grow on your roof. What’s worse is that these rodents might start chewing through the mold which would eventually result in them chewing through your roof! The last thing you want these rodents to do is to break your ceiling or build nests in them.

What Comes Next?

You would have to clean your roof to get rid of the mold on your ceiling. You can always opt for power washing to get rid of the mold. Certain chemicals can also be used to clean the roof. However, if the mold has grown too deep, you would probably have to call in a professional to clean it for you.

A professional will get the job done and they’ll get it done right without you having to go through any trouble.


Now that it’s happened and you’ve gotten rid of the mold, you’d want to ensure it doesn’t happen again. For that, the best thing is to engage in timely maintenance. Here are a couple of ways to go around it:

  • Care for Your Attic:

The best thing you can do for yourself is to check on your attic and make sure there’s proper ventilation in place. Mold buildup can occur from the inside too. You’d want to ensure that you can do whatever you can to prevent that from happening.

  • Invest in A Metal Roof:

A metal roof can do wonders due to its degree of resistance to certain things. Yes, mold is one of them! Moreover, they’re a lot easier to clean and maintain overall. Better maintenance means a lesser chance of mold buildup, to begin with.

Contact Anderson Metal Roofing:

We’re here to make homes look better as well as make your life easier. If you’d like to invest in a metal roofing for your home, our people can definitely help. With metal roofing, you can easily remove mold from your roof.

We even do roof repair as well as roof maintenance. Contact us today for a free quote!

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