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Roof Repair and Maintenance in Anderson and Surrounding Areas

Finding a leak in your roof and repairing the problem can be an aggravating issue to deal with. You can’t wait to repair it because you can end up with much more damage – maybe even deterioration of the roofing system or mold. At Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles, our roofers are experienced in multiple types of roofing materials and can provide roof repair and preventative maintenance on anything from small homes to large commercial buildings. You can also contract with us to come to perform preventative maintenance on your roof. This can give you peace of mind that your roof is functioning properly.

If something unexpected happens, the staff at Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles can also assist you with roofing insurance claims in the Upstate SC area.

Roof Repair & Preventative Maintenance

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"Danny is unbelievably helpful, intelligent and is extremely professional. He knows how to identify an issue and remedy the situation, as well as explain the process/solution. I would highly recommend Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles for all of your roofing needs!"

- Nikki C.

What Is a Roof Repair Service?

The good news is that not all roofing problems demand a complete replacement. At Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles, we offer simple roofing repairs or solutions for less intensive roofing problems related to your flat rooftop, cedar, tile, slate, or shingle.

You can depend on us to replace shingles damaged due to strong winds or fallen branches. We also check the quality of the wood decking below the shingles to ensure there are no additional damages due to water ingress.

Remember, water damage to the roof decking could result in serious and costly structural damages. The moment our chief craftsmen detect this problem during the inspection, we will cut out the rotting area and replace the section with new material. This technique has been proven to not only increase the lifespan of the existing roof but is quite affordable.

We understand that your home is your most valued possession. For this reason, we only work with trained and highly skilled personnel. We are proven and have an excellent track record for unique customer care and high-quality craftsmanship. We do not recommend unnecessary repairs or services. We aim to maximize the value of your roof investment by simply following and applying industry rules and standards.

Local Repairs

Issues such as heavy snow damage, tree limbs, storms, and even a few loose screws from a sloppy HVAC installation can reduce comfort, productivity, and even property value, especially if the problems are left unchecked. With time, repair costs may amount to thousands of dollars.

This is why every property owner needs a preventive maintenance program. This is a service you are guaranteed on every repair we provide. If and when your roof needs help, do not hesitate to call Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles for the roof repair Anderson, SC residents can trust.

Roof Leak Repair Services

When severe weather comes, even the best roof can become a victim of damage. Furthermore, things such as falling trees and branches, vandals, and other events will surely affect any roof. Even the smallest leak (if there is anything like a small leak) will result in structural, equipment, and inventory damages. Anything bigger is surely financially disastrous.

What Makes Us Unique From the Rest?

  • We offer a one-year workmanship warranty on all our repairs
  • Our representatives are always available to come to you and take your calls
  • We help our clients decide on the best and long-term roofing option after we get the situation under control
  • We give you the required documentation, which can help you file for an insurance claim
  • Our highly trained professionals are ready to respond any time you need us (24/7/365)
  • We do not interrupt your day-to-day activities because our team is fully equipped
  • We act quickly to minimize water damage, which will save you money

We are constantly looking for new ways to add value to our service, and we aim to exceed expectations. It does not matter the level of repair or leak management service you need, call for metal roofing leak repair service at (864) 287-2378 .

Any Project Size Flat Roof Repairs

In order to extend the life span of the roof, avoid constant repairs, keep your tenants happy, and prevent leaks, it is wise to consider adopting proactive commercial roof repair plans. Doing this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Flat roof repairs fall under different categories:

  • Deterioration-related repairs
  • Large-scale
  • Maintenance type repairs
  • Emergency repairs

It doesn't matter the age or condition of your flat roof. A comprehensive commercial roof repair plan is an investment that you need.

Emergency Commercial Roof Repair

roof repair anderson sc

Roof Replacements Versus Roof Repairs

Of course, there are times when commercial flat roof repair is not an option. The moment you find yourself constantly ordering roof repairs, but the problem is not being solved or it keeps occurring, then it is time to consider working with us for a roof replacement in Anderson, SC.

It is important to remember that no roof lasts forever, and embracing this fact is important. If your property needs a roof replacement, do not wait because you may end up with other additional expensive expenses.

Extend Your Roof's Life With Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance

Implementing a comprehensive maintenance plan for your commercial roof is the best way to prolong its life. When a roof is well-maintained, it can last for many years and beyond its warranty period.

Smart building managers understand that delaying roof replacement helps to free up capital to use for other expenditures for the business. Experienced building managers who want to maximize the investment in their roof understand that having commercial roof maintenance done regularly is not optional – it is an essential component of a fiscally responsible and wise facility plan.

When It Comes to Roof Maintenance, Timing Is Everything

Ideally, commercial roof inspections should be conducted twice per year at a minimum, normally in the spring and then in the fall. A majority of roof system warranties come with specific roof maintenance guidelines that need to be followed for the warranty to remain valid. In some situations, having a commercial roof qualified maintenance plan may extend your warranty period.

Preventative Practices

Along with repairs, warranty maintenance, and regular inspections, certain things can be done by facility managers to extend roof service lives. General safety precautions should be followed by all workers who access a roof, including not leaving tools or other objects on the roof, clearing drain clogs promptly, only walking on designated walk pads and paths, and not smoking while on the roof.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

How to Get a Plan Set Up

It is essential to document the roof’s history to have a successful maintenance plan for a commercial roof. It is a good idea to have both hard copies and digital copies of all necessary documents, including the original roof specifications, proposals, shop drawings, roof system product sheets from the manufacturer, daily construction reports, warranty documents, and records of all roof repairs, modifications, and changes.

The Initial Roof Survey

Having a comprehensive initial roof survey conducted, which includes an energy audit analysis, gives a commercial roof maintenance program a solid foundation. The survey should include a detailed report of the current condition of the roof, the size and age of the roof, and the kind of roofing system that is currently in place.

Any factor that has an effect othe roof’s current or future condition, such as type and location of access portals, placement, the number of paths, building use, and current environmental factors, are all invaluable to getting a successful maintenance plan established for a commercial roof.

Most Common Roof Problems

Our roofing experts see the following problems often on houses in the upstate:

Bad Flashing

Flashing is usually made out of metal or heavy rubber in order to prevent leaks on the walls and in the pipes. On the outside, it works as the first line of defense. That is why it is critical for the flashing to be installed correctly.

Gutter Buildup

Areas surrounding the gutter buildup on the roof offer favorable conditions for mildew and mold growth. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you either clean the gutters yourself or have a professional clean them once a year or more as needed.

Ruined Shingles

The roof deck is covered and protected by shingles, and they also keep away moisture. When shingles become damaged leaks, as well as other roof-related problems, can arise.

Damaged Soffits

Soffits offer a great refuge for birds, squirrels, and other small animals. Keep a close eye on them and repair any small problems as necessary. Squirrels can claw and chew open screens and break the vents, so always make sure there are no cracks or crevices in the roof that they can get through.


Moisture from a roof produces bad smells and also promotes the growth of mildew and mold. The entire house can become infested, and that can affect the health of your entire family.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roof Repair Provider

One of the most important components of your house is the roof. You don’t want to get into a situation where you don’t do the job properly or leave it incomplete because you are unable to fix the problem. Even if you are able to fix roof leaks and other simple repairs, it is not recommended. Climbing up a ladder on a multistory building to inspect and repair your home’s roof is definitely not a safe DIY job to take on.

A professional roof repair and preventative maintenance specialist, on the other hand, can detect roof problems and then repair them for you. The following are good reasons why you should hire a professional roofing contractor:


Accidents caused by roof repairs are very common. That is why professional contractors make significant investments in necessary safety and take precautions at all times while performing their job. Also, they have the requisite certifications and training. They are definitely the most qualified to repair your roof.


It might sound surprising, but it can actually be more economical to hire a professional roof repair company. One of the major reasons is they can get a lower price on roofing materials. They also have all of the proper tools to repair roofs. If you try to purchase the materials yourself, you might not get as good of a deal. You also will have to buy tools. When these are combined, it will definitely increase the expenses you will have to repair your own roof.


Warranties are provided by most roof repair contractors for both materials and labor. If any problems arise during the warranty period, the contractor will come out and inspect your roof and resolve the problem without charging you extra.

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