Do Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs Really Help To Save Money?

February 27, 2023

The roof is one of the most structurally important components of a building. It not only protects the building occupants and property from environmental and external elements, but it also helps to maintain the structural integrity of the building. However, it is one of the most overlooked components by most residential and commercial property owners. After installation, a majority of building owners completely forget about their roofs until a major problem arises. But just like your car, your roof requires preventative maintenance. It is your responsibility as a building owner to maintain your roof proactively. Skimping on preventative maintenance can lead to much more expensive repairs in the future.

The Importance of Preventative Roof Maintenance

Preventative roof maintenance helps to avoid small roofing problems from developing into major problems and becoming more costly. Studies have found that building owners who react after roofing problems have already occurred spend far more than those who proactively maintain their roof.

According to the Building Magazine and data collected by Firestone Building Products in partnership with ProLogis, building owners who take action after roofing problems manifest spend an average of 25 cents per square foot annually on maintenance while those who proactively maintain their roof only spend 14 cents per square foot. This means that if you invest in preventative roof maintenance you are able to save 11 cents per square foot. On a larger scale and in the long run, this amount adds up quickly. 

In addition, it has been found that, depending on materials, by investing in preventative maintenance, your roof will have an average lifespan of 21 years while for the roofs that have been reactively maintained, they have an average lifespan of 13 years. This essentially means that by failing to proactively maintain your roof, you will end up replacing your roof more often. Given that a roof is a significant financial investment, you definitely want it to last for as long as possible and ensure that you get your money’s worth.

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Further Cost Benefits of Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs

The cost benefits of proactively maintaining your roof go way beyond those described above. There are other unseen savings that are worth considering. In the following section, we are going to look at how preventative roof maintenance programs help building owners to further save on costs.

Prevents Property Damage

A poorly maintained roof is prone to leaks. If you are the type of building owner who postpones regular roof maintenance until a problem arises, then you are at a high risk of suffering property damage from leaks as it can take weeks or months for a roof leak to become noticeable. A leaky roof can wreak havoc on electrical equipment, interior fixtures and furnishing, inventory, HVAC systems, and other items and systems within a building. 

In addition, a leaky roof compromises the structural integrity of a building, which means that the walls, floors, and other structures can be severely affected. 

It goes without saying that the costs of such repairs and replacements can quickly drain your bank account. However, by implementing a preventative maintenance program, potential leaks can be identified early enough and effectively dealt with before it is too late. Considering the high costs of repairs and/or replacements that a poorly maintained roof can expose you to, now that small amount required for preventative maintenance makes a lot of sense.

Ensures Warranty Compliance

A vast majority of manufacturer’s warranties stipulate that all roofs and roofing systems should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that they perform as designed and do not void the warranty. To ensure that you are in compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements, it is highly recommended that you have the roof inspected and maintained a minimum of two times per year, preferably during spring and fall. Inspection and maintenance during the fall helps to prepare your roof for the winter season while spring inspections can find any issues the winter may have caused. Those residing in areas with extreme climate should carry out a roof inspection and maintenance more frequently.

It is also recommended to perform roof inspection and maintenance after a severe storm. Doing so helps to maximize the performance and longevity of your roof.

Keeps Your Business Operations Running

If the roof on your business becomes severely damaged due to the lack of proper preventative maintenance, then you may be forced to close down to allow for major roof repairs or entire roof replacements. This downtime will only harm your business. Not only do you risk losing potential new clients, but there is a chance of your repeat customers taking their business elsewhere.

So, there you have it. In case you were wondering if preventative maintenance programs are really worth the money and if they can help you save on costs, then hopefully this piece has been helpful. Contact Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles today if you are in need of preventative roof repair.

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