What to Expect from Your Metal Roof in Winter

February 27, 2023

Is a metal roof right for you, and what should you expect when the harsh winter months roll in? Now that we’ve all seen the temperature drop of it and some of the earliest storms roll in, then it’s time to start thinking about the winter months and the damages they bring to your roof. We always recommend doing your annual roofing inspection during fall, but many homeowners don’t get a roofing inspection until they’re selling their property.

An unexpected need for a roof replacement or installation is pretty frequent among residential property owners. At Anderson Metal Roofing, our Anderson roofing experts are offering residential roofing options that Far and Away surpass what people expect from the common asphalt Roofing options. Metal roofing can handle a lot of winter damage and its durability and sustainability have made it a top choice among homeowners.

Will Snow or Ice Dams Build Up On Your Roof?

Metal roofing plates, cups, or shingles are all meant to keep elements, specifically weather elements, off of your home. That means that ice and snow literally slide right off of the roof and there are no more worries about ice dams. The smooth metal surface and the heat from within the house and Shores that snow and ice simply don’t stay on the roof.

Of course, it seems counterintuitive. Most homeowners express some surprise to find that snow and I don’t stay on metal roofing. are typical interactions with metal in cold weather or the tongue-stuck-to-flagpole situations. However, your roof I can develop quite a bit of heat from the interior of the hole and specifically the attic. Keep in mind that heat rises so your roof is almost constantly heated throughout the winter and even when it seems cold to the touch it’s too warm for ice or snow to adhere to.

Heating Cables and Other Safety Options for Metal Roofing

Now with ice and snow just sliding right off the roof, there are some safety concerns. What happened to the areas below the roof where these weather elements fall? Many roofing contractors and gutter specialists recommend using heating cables or ice guards to ensure that snow and ice melt evenly into the gutter system rather than plummeting onto an unsuspecting person below.

A heating cable is a simple prevention for ice damming and even dissolution of ice and snow. It’s common for gutter systems, especially throughout the Carolinas the damn or snow over. A heating table sets either within the gutter or near the top ledge of the snow guard does slowly melt any collection of ice or snow. These cables are most effective when installed directly within the gutter system.

There are also options for custom metal roofing that can include guards and help safeguard as against some of these concerns. They can eliminate safety issues with simple design.

Can You Install a Metal Roof During the Winter Months?

A lot of people cringe when they think of metal roofing on a home and they think of an old corrugated tin roof on top of a dilapidated shack in the Deep South. That’s not at all the case with metal roofs that you see today. Metal roofing and materials that are available come in options that are visually appealing and often look very similar to Asphalt roof shingles.

it’s almost always best to work with metal roofing installations during the winter months because of not only the metal materials but the underlayment. Unlike asphalt that requires tar and setting metal roofing, I can rely on rubberized asphalt, fiberglass, and synthetic materials.

Schedule Your Metal Roof Installation

Think that a metal roof installation in fall or winter might be a stretch? Guess again, because metal roofing is almost always best done in colder weather. Replacing a traditional asphalt roof with a metal roof is a great option, especially if you’re looking at a winter installation or replacement. Many homeowners learn that one final snowfall is all it takes to deliver that final blow to a decades-old roof.

Metal roofing is far more winter-friendly than its asphalt alternative and can help protect your home from the damages of winter. with a metal roof your home can hold up better to snow or ice dams and have more options in terms of handling harsh weather conditions than what an asphalt roof can sustain. If you need a new roof, contact Anderson Metal Roofing company and get help from our experienced and well-skilled roofing contractors.

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