What To Do When A Tree Causes Damage to Your Roof

February 27, 2023

As one of the wettest states in the nation, it’s no surprise that with great volumes of rain comes great gusts of wind as well. Many storms have the ability to take down power lines and trees. However, it’s always surprising when it actually happens, especially when it causes damage to your roof.

If you were comfortably waiting out the storm and then had the grand old oak crash into your roof, you probably don’t know what to do. It’s not like a car crash or scheduling a doctor’s appointment. People simply don’t prepare for trees to fall right into their homes.

Always Focus on Safety First

If a tree causes damage to your roof, then exit it immediately and contact emergency services. Calling 911 and explaining to the operate should lead to more clear instruction. Given the nature of the storm, the operator may instruct you to seek shelter nearby. If anyone is injured, inform them of the extent of the injuries. They may require immediate medical attention.

Do not enter your home, unless first responders have declared it safe to enter. Usually, the fire department will not allow anyone other than first responders to enter. They may give you a time frame or date when it is safe, or they may say that a contractor and inspector must come onsite first. Your insurance company will be able to give you more information on the structural status of your home.

If the damage is now that extensive, the fire department may give you clearance to enter with restrictions. However, it’s always smart to be cautious and if at all possible, avoid entering the home until the completion of the repairs.

Reach Out to Emergency Services

When contacting 911, you may not realize who is going to appear. Most likely, the fire department will be first on the scene and responsible for removing any injured persons from the home. They will also give some estimation as to the extent of the damage. Don’t expect a dollar figure but expect a range such as “minor damage” or “severe storm damage.”

Another unexpected emergency service you may encounter is the gas and electric companies. If the tree also took down poles or disrupted underground utilities, they may respond very quickly to disconnect them.

After the emergency services leave the scene, you will want to reach out to them for a report. Many cities make reporting storm damage a priority because it’s likely that your home wasn’t the one hit by the storm. Although it may be the only one hit by that particular tree. Any formal report can play a vital role in your insurance claim.

Contact Your Insurance Company to File a claim

The next step is to contact your insurance company. Homeowners insurance will almost always cover storm damage. However, if you live in an area of the U.S. that is prone to earthquake or tornado events, then you may need additional insurance coverage. File your claim and then wait to see what they have to say.

You can also schedule an inspection on your own. If you don’t trust that your insurance company has your best interest in mind, then a private roof inspection for storm damage can happen right away. Storm damage roofing contractors often respond within a few hours. For example, at Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles, we understand that roofing damage puts a family out of their home. Most of the time, the family needs someone who can act right away to start repairs.

As part of our assistance to the community, we’ve aided many homeowners in understanding the process of recovering from storm damage to your roof. You likely have many other concerns on your mind. Talk to your insurance company, call a local roofing contractor, and let those two parties sort out your roofing situation.

It’s Possible You Will Need Roof Replacement

Not every fallen tree leads to a complete roof replacement. But there are times when replacing the entirety of the roof is more cost-effective for the homeowner than reconstructing the damaged areas. For example, if your roof is twenty years old, then it would have needed replacement in ten or so years anyway.

If you need a roof replacement, you will be part of many decisions. You’ll need to choose new materials, plan for insulation, and more.

Contact Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles for Storm Damage to Your Roof

Contact Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles, the local roofing company for Oconee County, South Carolina. We’ve helped the homeowners throughout our community repair their roofs quickly. You can get your house back with the help of our experienced roofing contractors. Contact us now for a free quote or to schedule a consultation, storm damage repair services are available.

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