Tree Branch Falls on a Roof: What Do I Do?

February 26, 2023

A tree branch can cause untold damage if it hits something. Roofs may well be the most critical aspect of buildings. They beautify the house and protect its contents. Notably, roofing repair contractors in Anderson understand that roofs are susceptible to different types of harm. For example, harsh weather conditions can weaken or destroy rooftops.

Such conditions include hail storms and heavy rainfall. Similarly, tree branches falling on the roof are familiar sights too. That’s why it’s best not to plant big trees near your home. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the luxury of choosing whether or not to live near trees.

So, they can only hope daily that the trees don’t destroy their roof. Therefore, suppose a heavy storm makes a tree branch fall on the rooftop. Then, they may not know what to do. Fortunately, an experienced Anderson roofer can help in this situation. But first, let’s discuss what you should do if a tree branch falls on your roof.

4 Best Steps After a Tree Branch Falls on Your Roof

Did a tree branch fall on your roof? Is there a tree hovering over your rooftop? If yes, this section is for you. Below are four steps to follow after a tree branch falls on your rooftop.

  • Go Outside!

The first thing to do after a tree hits your roof is to go outside. If there are other people in the building, get them all to safety. Staying inside the structure is dangerous. For example, the roof may weaken and fall.

The tree branch may also penetrate the rooftop. Then, it can maim the building’s occupants. Usually, this depends on the branch’s weight and the roof’s strength. However, at this point, you don’t have the time for such calculations.

You don’t even have the luxury of gauging the extent of the damage. So, it’ll be best to escape the structure first. Then, you can implement other restorative measures from a safe location.

  • Call 911

A tree branch on your roof can have other consequences. For instance, it may lead to a fire outbreak. This is usually the case if it touches electrical connections. In addition, the mishap may have injured someone. Therefore, it’ll be best to call emergency services immediately.

If you call 911, the authorities can send a fire truck. In addition, you can request emergency medical services. The police may also be crucial in some cases. However, this depends on the extent of damage and the building type. For example, miscreants may exploit the commotion to loot businesses.

  • Call Your Insurance Provider

Many homeowners have building insurance policies. Such policies can cover accidents such as a falling tree branch. Fire from the accident may also fall under your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Therefore, it’s vital to call your insurance company.

Making this call early is also essential. Moreover, many insurers have mandatory timeframes for reporting accidents. So, ignoring this requirement may be detrimental to your claim. You can also attach pictures and videos of the tree branch on your roof to the notification.

  • Remove the Branch From Your Rooftop

Now, it’s time to remove the tree branch. This activity is crucial to assess the damage to your roof. Notably, there’s the temptation of climbing your roof personally to dislodge the branch.

Suppose the tree branch isn’t too large. Then, the push for a DIY solution will be stronger. However, it’ll be best to ignore this urge. Firstly, roof climbing is risky for even expert roofers. Roofers record the fifth-highest occupational deaths in the US.

Therefore, the risk is higher for non-professionals. It’ll thus be best to let expert Anderson roofing contractors remove the branch. You definitely wouldn’t have to break the bank to pay for tree removal.

Roofing repair services

Should I Call Roofing Repair Contractors in Anderson to Fix or Replace My Roof After a Tree Branch Falls on It?

A tree branch on your roof will cause some damage. Therefore, you’ll have to fix the problem. However, the issue is whether to repair the affected part or replace the entire roof. The choice you make depends on the extent of the damage.

So, firstly, assess the damage to your roof. This assessment would involve:

  • A physical examination of your roof, and
  • Weighing or checking the size of the fallen tree branch.

Making a Decision

The heavier the tree branch, the greater its chances of causing significant damage. A light tree part may only break the top layer of your shingles. However, only a physical assessment can show the extent of the damage. So, you may need an expert to climb your roof.

Suppose a professional roofer has already removed the roof. Then, they would have conducted this examination at the same time. So, a roof repair will suffice where your rooftop only sustained minor damage. This could be a few broken or displaced shingles.

However, imagine that the tree branch was so heavy that your roof caved in. Furthermore, suppose it affected the roof’s structure. Then, you may have to change your entire roof.

How Do I Protect My Roof Until the Roofers Get Here?

Roofers may not get to your home immediately after you call them. For instance, suppose there was a heavy storm. Then, your roof may not be the only one affected in the neighborhood. This means that several roofing companies will be busy with different homes.

So, you’ll have to protect your house until the professionals arrive. The tree branch on your roof may have left holes on the rooftop. Therefore, you can throw a tarp over the branch.

This material will protect your house from water leaks. Notably, you must cover your roof even if you don’t see any holes. This is because some holes may be tiny and invisible to your sight.

Trim the Tree

Ideally, trees shouldn’t be close to any building. A storm or old age can bring the branch down on your house. In addition, you may face difficulties when you want to cut the tree. However, if the tree is already there, you can trim it.

This involves cutting the branches that hang over your roof. Again, it’ll be best to leave this job to the professionals because you can damage your roof while trimming. However, professionals will be more careful.

Roofing Repair Contractors in Anderson Can Fix or Replace Your Damaged Roof

If a tree branch falls on your roof, you need to remove it to prevent further damage quickly. Fortunately, you can call the best local roofing contractors for help. We run a quick-response roofing solutions company in Anderson, South Carolina. In addition, all our roofers have sterling qualifications and experience. Depending on the damage, we can then repair or replace your roof. So, contact us today to get a free quote.

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