Fixing Metal Roofing in Anderson, SC With Touch-Up Paint

February 27, 2023

If you have metal roofing in Anderson, SC, it is possible that over the years, weather conditions and aging can cause some damage to your paint. This paint is applied for both aesthetic and functional uses, as it protects your roof and keeps it durable over a long time. However, in the case of minor damage or scratches, you can upgrade your metal roof with touch-up paint, and restore the original value and aesthetic appeal of your building for many more years to come.

There are many advantages of using metal roofing in construction for both domestic and commercial purposes. Research shows that metal roofing can last up to 3 times more as compared to asphalt, and it is also more environmentally friendly and accessible in far-flung areas.

How Can You Get Scratches and Dents on Your Metal Roofing in Anderson, SC?

In most cases, metal roofing is damaged during its installation process. This can start possibly during logistics and shipping of your metal roofing panels, where any improper packaging or moving can cause scratches on the paint surface which may demand a touch-up.

Additionally, it is recommended that you keep in touch with your installation team while finishing the job, and watch out for any scratches and dents that can be caused by human error or the team while installing the panels. The hardware tools commonly used for such jobs can themselves be a hazard and bring damage to the finishing of your paint or even a big dent on your roof.

It is also highly possible that regular wear and tear can cause damage to your metal roofing in Anderson SC, purely due to the weather conditions of the area. Heavy rain, hailing, or storms can cause leaks and other types of damage, and even simply walking on your roof and using heavy tools can cause scratches.

It is therefore recommended that metal roofing panels should be dealt with carefully, from shipping and installation to long-term regular maintenance. Before installation, metal roofing panels should be kept lined up at a slight angle to prevent water from building up. There should also be space between individual panels so that no scratches are caused if they rub against each other. Regular maintenance of your metal roofing is thus very important.

Fixing Scratches and Dents on Your Metal Roofing:

The first step in fixing any damage to your metal roofing is to assess the damage so that you can decide if you need to touch up paint or go for something more extensive. A visual survey of any affected areas can let you know what you need to do next. If it is a hairline scratch, you can decide whether it is noticeable enough to need touch-up paint, or not. However, also remember that touch paint fades a lot more quickly as compared to a professional paint job that is baked into your metal surface.

If the paint has been scratched or dented all the way down in a way that the metal is exposed, then you will definitely need a fresh paint job. Any bigger dents can need a replacement as well. However, deciding on the right paint to get the job done is highly important.

You can contact the manufacturer of your metal roofing panels to consult on which paint to use for both touch-up and professional paint jobs. Most manufacturers also sell smaller containers of professional-grade paint that are designed to match the paint already used on your metal panels.

To apply paint to your scratched or dented metal roofing, you can follow these steps if you intend to take care of it yourself:

  1. Ensure that the temperature of your metal roofing panel is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol.
  3. If the bare metal is exposed, apply acrylic primer.
  4. Use a donor or artist brush to apply multiple coats of paint.
  5. Within 30 to 40 minutes, the paint will become tack-free. In 36 to 48 hours, the paint will dry completely.

Find Experts When It Comes to Your Metal Roofing in Anderson, SC:

For all types of maintenance and repair for your metal roofing in Anderson, SC, contact Anderson Metal Roofing to make sure your home stays safe and beautiful for years to come. With an experienced team of builders, we provide residential and commercial metal roofing systems and shingles roofing systems for a variety of buildings and uses, using only premier quality products.

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