The Dangers of Being Careless with Roofing

February 28, 2023

Building owners and homeowners are both guilty of being careless and neglectful with their roofing. Unfortunately, roofing isn’t a set it and forget this aspect of home maintenance. All the same, people often wait until they see leaks or have clear signs of mold.

Your best bet to avoid the many dangers of carelessness with roofing is to have regular or annual maintenance. Call your local roofing company to schedule a standard inspection and learn what condition your roof is in now.


The most apparent sign that something has gone wrong, a roof will typically only leak after a substantial amount of neglect. Roofing will begin leaking as an early warning sign that in the very least you have missing shingles.

When it comes down to roofing, a leak is no small matter. That leak is bringing on water damage on various level within your home. Minor and seemingly aesthetic issues that cause holes are a big deal and repairing them is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost that they create.


A side effect of leaks, mold can come in through various windows of opportunity. Not only does mold get in were missing shingles allowed leaks to manifest, but mold can infiltrate gutters as well.

Mold will clog gutter systems and can cause even more dangers to contractors that you bring onto the site. The worst part of the mold is the cost that comes with removing it. The best way to get ahead of mold is to clean your systems regularly. Repair leaks quickly, and periodically check that your insulation is protected.

The tell-tale sign of mold is long black streaks running down your shingles. Fortunately, if you catch mold early, you can clear it out with a cleaning cycle rather than needing extensive repair or roof replacement.

High Energy Bills

In the summer you fight to keep the cold air in and through the winter you’re struggling to keep it out. The issue for most people is that this struggle has an undetected accomplice, the holes in your roof. Holes in your roof, the same ones that leak when it rains, often help your cold and hot air escape.

It’s likely that you’re paying a substantially higher rate for both heating and air conditioning because of your roof damage. Long term, neglecting a roof can make energy efficient options like running fans instead of your air conditioner a higher cost than fixing your roof and running the a/c.


Mold and the same opening that cause leaks are giant welcome banners for pests. The most damaging pest to a home, termites, don’t feed on wood, they feed on mold. Mold in your gutters, roof tiles, or flashing can bring in a horde of termites that can cause you to lose your whole roof and much of the carpentry between your walls as well.

Termites are among the pests that can invade your home because of roof damage. Field mice, rats, and more can get into your home from holes in your roof as well as through damaged fascia. The opossum family in your attic did not walk in through the front door. They came in through the roof.

Water Damage

A few steps past leaks and you’ll have extensive water damage. Most people don’t realize that water damage has accumulated in such a solid form until a professional roofer comes in to inspect the property. Water damage can rot the wooden structure of support for your roof, leading to the need for complete reroofing or extensive carpentry replacement.

Water damage can destroy your insulation, lead to mold, and even make it necessary to leave your home. A roofing contractor will survey the extent of water damage whenever they see it and begin making recommendations. Issues such as harmful mold, or unsafe structure can mean a few days or a week with a family member or in a hotel.

The good news is that you’re in control of detecting and correcting this neglect. Whether you’ve just purchased a home or realized that your roof needs repair, calling a roofing contractor can make a massive difference in the safety of your home.

Damaged Property Value and Additional Repair Costs

Contact Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles for help with making your roofing repairs right away. The sooner that you get a contractor involved, the more damage and costs you can avoid. Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles offers a wide range of services for homeowners and property owners.

If you’re noticing any of the short term dangers of roofing neglect, it’s vital that you take immediate action. Handling these issues now can head off long term damage, and it’s normally very possible to repair roofing damage rather than replacing the roof in the years to come.

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