Types of Standing Seam Metal Roof Clips in Anderson, SC & Their Importance

February 27, 2023

It is essential to know about the right standing seam metal roof clips in Anderson, SC. A standing seam metal roof project is not just about the panels or the frame. You need proper roof clips if you want your metal roof to look great and perform perfectly. People often tend to neglect proper selection and eventually, they face roof problems.

Roof clips are an integral part that holds everything together. It may seem like a minor thing and for this reason, the majority of the people neglect their importance. There are several factors that you need to be aware of before selecting roof clips.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Standing Seam Metal Roof Clips in Anderson, SC:

Before selecting the standing seam metal roof clips in Anderson, SC, you should know the details about your insulation systems along with the requirements for contraction and expansion of your roof. In addition to this, you may also require the dynamics of your roof, such as geometry. The clip you chose must be within the range of the panel. Moreover, the type of substrate is also very significant. The selection of roof clips depends upon the substrate whether it will be wood or metal decking.

There are two types of roof clips available:

1. High or Low:

Whether you should opt for high or low clips greatly depends upon the type of insulation system. Low clips usually support four inches of insulation, whereas high clips support six inches of insulation. Your system may not work properly or you may not able to accommodate your insulation system if you choose a clip that is too long.

Also, you should avoid using roof clips with no stand-off. They hinder fiberglass insulation. For a solid substrate like metal or wood decking, low roof clips are recommended as there is no requirement to accommodate a fiberglass insulation system. To choose the right clip you should have complete information regarding your insulation system. The information may include the thickness and type of insulation.

2. Fixed or Floating:

Another important factor while selecting a roof clip is a fixed or floating clip. It depends upon the type of substrate and the required movement for the roof size. In fixed roof clips, there are no parts to support the movement. The movement is associated with the contraction and expansion of the roof. The movement of the clip is also dependent upon the substrate.

For instance, if the surface of the roof contracts and expands due to weather changes, the clips must allow movement with some margin. Usually, for a fixed clip on a metal purlin, the limit is 100 feet. The movement is contingent on the temperature, geographical location, and color of the roof. It is suggested that fixed roof clips should be utilized with open framing as in the case of solid substrate, roof panel movement is not accommodated by fixed clips.

For solid substrate or the roof with a slope, a floating clip is advised. It allows the movement of roof panels independent of the type of substrate. Either the clip has a tab attached to the roof panel which allows the movement or the clip when attached to the panel that allows the movement. The movement of the clip tab or panel slide is restricted at the attachment point. The majority of the roof systems have fixed and high or low clips.

However, not every roof system has these options available. But, you need to have complete information regarding the roof panels and the type of clip that would work best for your roof system in an effective manner. You may not be able to interchange the roof clips as every roof system has its roof clips. You should always select depending upon the clip attachment that is best suitable for your project.

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You may think you have received the right standing seam metal roof clips in Anderson, SC but after installation, you may experience problems. If you want your roof system to perform effectively you should have complete knowledge of roof clips. The wrong combination of substrate, insulation, and clips will directly affect the roof’s performance. Before you start putting down your roof it is significant to check all the details with the manufacturer.

Reach out to our team for an expert opinion. Our technical team will assist you while choosing the most suitable roof clip for your project. We intend to provide you a great roof system that works properly. We only aim to make your project a success.

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