Signs of Roof Rot and How To Spot It

February 27, 2023

Roof rot or sometimes called dry rot occurs when there’s moisture in your attic, and the airflow locks it into place. Most people don’t realize that addicts do need to be well ventilated. There are options such as attic fans or ensuring that certain parts of your attic are clear, so there’s easy airflow. But roof rack can cause extensive damage and even lead to the need for a complete re-roofing.

But spotting roof right can be a bit difficult, and the exact mechanics behind it can be a challenge to understand. Luckily, our Greenville roofing experts are good at noticing these signs and can give you advice on whether it needs to be repaired or not. It’s no surprise that in the often humid summers of the Carolinas that plenty of people realize roof rot may be a very real danger to their home.

Signs of Roof Damage

While you’re checking for signs of roof damage, you might evaluate how many roof vents you have located along your eaves. Roof vents are the key to eliminating the conditions or environments that promote dry rot.

If you’re interested in putting more ventilation into your home or questioning if your home has enough ventilation, then touch your ceiling on a hot day. Touching the ceiling from one of the main living rooms or a bedroom within your home should never feel hot. A hot ceiling is a sign that your roof doesn’t have proper ventilation and could likely take on roof rot if it already hasn’t set in.

Get Into Your Attic

Going into your attic might be the best way to get a full look at the inner-roof conditions. Although you may not be a roofing contractor, you can probably spot wood rot without any official training. Wood rot will often show up with mold, may come with signs of the wood bowing, and even just giant black spots.

You may also see moldy or depleted insulation. Typically the insulation is fluffy and should have a consistent bounce back, but with roof rot, it may be flat and ineffective.

Smell of Mildew

The smell of mold and mildew is very distinct, and it is difficult to live with it for very long. If you’re smelling mildew or mold and you can’t find the location, it could very well be your attic. Under the conditions of dry rot, mold will grow and spread throughout your attic.

It is that mold or mildew and the persistent moisture in the air that causes the wood to rot. Wood rot can become so extensive that complete carpentry repair of the entire roof could be necessary. But if you can catch it when you initially smell something off, you may be able to do partial carpentry repair rather than pulling out large chunks of your roof.

Unfortunately, if the damage from roof rot includes mold or mildew, it’s likely that you’ll need more than just a roofing contractor. You may need to call a mold cleanup experts and insulation specialists in repairing additional damage.

Ice Dams in the Winter

When it comes to ice dams, they largely seem like a simple inconvenience. Now, ice dams can cause carpentry damage, and impose an unhealthy amount of weight onto your roof. However, they could also give some insight into the conditions within your roof and attic. Ice dams are typically a sign that the ventilation within your attic is not in good or ideal condition.

The ice dams that stay in place for days or hours might indicate that the hottest parts of the roof are concentrated at the top of the roof. As hot air rises, it can collect and sit at the highest part of the attic and then not circulate to help reduce the strain on the roof.

Schedule an Inspection

Without a doubt, the best way to identify roof rot and assess any damage is to call in a roof inspector. Most roof contractors are certified to do a roof inspection and can thoroughly go through your home or business to determine if there is roof rot and damage associated with that rock. You may be able to speak with a representative at Anderson Metal Roofing when you schedule your inspection to talk about possible signs of roof rot or other types of roof damage.

Anderson Metal Roofing is here to service the homes in Anderson SC. We don’t shy away from big jobs, and we’re always honest and upfront when it comes to talking about options for correcting damage. Roof rot can lead to the need for extensive damage recovery, including carpentry repair and complete re-roofing. Our roofing contractors will help you understand what options are available.

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