Shingles vs. Metal Roofing: Which Works in a Colder Climate?

February 26, 2023

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in building construction or renovation is choosing the wrong roofing material. If you stay in a region with lots of cold weather, you can’t afford to use the wrong roofing material. If you reside in South Carolina, get a reputable company that offers residential roofing services in Anderson.

Metal roofs and shingles are the two popular choices for homeowners, especially those who value comfort and durability. But which of them is more suitable for cold climates? We provide the answer in this article.

Are Metal Roofing Materials Better Than Shingles for Colder Climates?

While metal roofing and shingles give an impressive performance in the cold, there is still a clear winner. Metal roofing takes the lead. Metal roofing trumps shingles in suitability for cold climates for several reasons.

Metal roofs possess several attractive properties for those who dislike the cold winter. For one thing, metal roofing has stronger water-tightness capabilities than shingles. Therefore, your metal roof will keep your home warm even under heavy snow.

Also, you can install snow guards on metal roofs, which provide safety during winter by preventing heavy volumes of snow from falling dangerously off your roof. Another reason why metal roofs are a superior choice to roofing shingles in cold climates is snow shedding.

Snow shedding is a much sought-after quality of roofing materials. You don’t want your roof to bear the burden of thick layers of snow but to shed the frosty liquid. Unfortunately, metal roofs aren’t friendly to snow and will send them falling off quicker than many other roofing materials.

Other benefits of using metal roofs are:


Durability is an important consideration when choosing a roofing material. Therefore, if you want your roofs to stay strong and healthy for a long time, go for metal roofs. Although the lifespan of metal roofs is between twenty-five to fifty years, some metal roofs can last longer.

Easy Installation

Metal roofs are pretty easy to install. Thanks to their lightweight and panel sizes, metal roofing materials are easy to move around.

Energy Efficiency

You may not appreciate how much money you can save by getting a metal roof until you have one. A metal roof’s energy efficiency will help you cut down on energy costs in your home because they are highly reflective of the sun’s rays.

The metal sends back sun rays and their accompanying heat, so less heat penetrates your home. Metal roofs are also excellent emitters of heat, allowing heat to leave your building more quickly than other roofing materials.

Fire Resistance

One of the most compelling reasons to use metal roofs is their fire-resistant property. You can count on a metal roof to slow the spread of fire in an outbreak. Metal roofing can also be fitted with resistant material to complement its opposition to the spread of fire.

Cold Weather and Shingles

Metal roofs may be the clear winner but shingles are the most affordable roof to use for winter climate in the United States. Asphalt shingles are designed for different types of weather, making them the top choice for cold weather.

However, we also recommend cedarwood shingles, although it is more expensive. Cedarwood shingles are durable and can handle heavy snow and keep your house warm during winter.

Aside from being winter-friendly, you can get shingle roofs for the following reasons:


With asphalt shingles, you likely won’t encounter the challenge of finding the right fit for your roof type. Asphalt roofing shingles will cover most types of roofs, irrespective of their different shapes, angles, and forms. So, use roofing shingles if you want to use a roofing shape that deviates from the popular style.

Rich Variety of Colors

Colors must play a role in our choice of roofing. The color of your roof will determine the attractiveness of your building a great deal. Your home can command more excellent value with the correct color before a sale.

You may want to find roof colors that match or complement your home. While other roofing materials may present limited and narrow ranges of choices, shingles will save the day. With roofing shingles, there are many colors to choose from.

Energy Efficiency

One benefit of using shingles that is difficult to ignore is its capacity for energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is and will continue to be a significant concern worldwide. So if you want your home to record a temperature degree or two lower than what’s outside, roofing shingles should be your choice.

With roofing shingles, your roof will achieve more light reflection, reducing your need for internal temperature regulation. Now, you can save money and enjoy more comfort in your home.

Wind Resistance

The threat of winds is a general worry anywhere in the country. However, after every storm, the damage to roofing materials is one of the first things we notice and why we need residential roofing services in Anderson.

But what if your house can escape the damage? With roofing shingles, it can.

Roofing shingles possess high resistance to wind storms, enough to keep your home unfazed after wind storms of over a hundred meters per hour. If wind resistance is your primary concern, inform your roofing contractor on time.

Algae Resistance

If the durability of your roof is one of your worries, then roofing shingles are a great choice. But unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to roof longevity is algae.

However, unlike many other types of roofs, roofing shingles will offer strong opposition to the growth of algae. Therefore, you can save yourself any worries, stress, and extra costs that come with repairing or changing roofs that suffer from algae attacks.

Easy to Repair

Compared to many other roofing materials, shingles are significantly easier to repair. For this reason, you are more likely to find a shingles repairer than those for different types of roofing materials. Alongside the ease of repair, shingles are also relatively cheaper to fix.

Contact Us for Residential Roofing Services in Anderson

If you weren’t sure which roofing choice would guarantee the best comfort for your new building, now you are. First, of course, metal roofing is the best way to go. But that’s not all. Equally as crucial as getting your roofing choice right is finding experienced and skilled roofers.

Anderson Metal Roofing is the foremost roofing company in Anderson. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for helping South Carolina residents enjoy the best roofing experience. Contact us now for your roofing repairs and installation and join our long list of happy customers.

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