Roofing Issues You Can’t DIY

February 27, 2023

All too often, people take on roofing projects as a weekend DIY adventure. While someone experienced with handiwork can certainly take care of basic cleaning and limited maintenance, there are roofing issues you can’t DIY and will require a contractor. Additionally, if you filed for homeowners’ insurance to help cover some roofing damage from a recent storm or the winter months, they will probably require you to hire a contractor.

So what should you look out for? When determining if you can handle a roofing project on your own, always look at the elements of safety. Roof contractors in Seneca, SC have the necessary equipment and years of training that help them determine how to approach a job with safety in mind. Homeowners, however, are usually looking for the fastest or most efficient way to do a job, and cutting corners can lead to injury.

Roof Replacement

While many people would immediately identify that a roof replacement is too big of a job, it doesn’t stop some from trying. Roof replacement calls for the full removal of the existing roof, making repairs to the carpentry, and installation of the new roof. So many things can go wrong during that process.

Professional roofers work in a team and use each person to their strengths. For example, the carpentry expert works on the maintenance of the frame after others have removed the roof. Installation of a new roof comes with not only laying down felt, tar and shingles. But you need to also install flashing, support the fascia, and care for the area around the chimney. It’s not something you want to take on alone.

Mold Cleaning and Similar Maintenance

The trouble with mold cleaning isn’t that homeowners can’t do it, it’s the dangers of slipping and falling. The solution used to remove mold from a roof is a major hazard if you are not prepared. When roofing professionals work on mold cleaning to scrub out the black streaks on a roof, they use protective equipment and standing techniques to reduce the risk of them falling and getting injured.

Maintenance like this is all about the fall risk, and if you’re comfortable doing it we recommend you definitely don’t do it alone. If anything, it might be helpful to speak with a roofing professional about their equipment and techniques for approaching the cleaning with safety in mind.

Flashing Repair and Replacement

Flashing is a huge job, not only because you’re working with structured metal that shouldn’t be pierced or compromised in any way, but because of its position. Flashing around the chimney and edges sits under the shingles. It’s highly likely that an untrained hand will cause substantial shingle damage in an attempt to repair the flashing.

The flashing itself prevents leaks, and when around a chimney it will often need roof cement to completely seal the area. But, that cement wears over the years, and the flashing, when exposed, can take on damage.

Proper repair for flashing is vital because it can compromise the integrity and longevity of your roof if you don’t get it fixed right and right away.

Kick-Out Flashing Replacement and Rot Repair

As it rains and that runoff flows down the grooves of your roof, it will wear down on the kick-out flashing. Eventually, kick-out flashing can rot out entirely, leaving the sheathing and framing completely exposed. This type of damage can not only make your house look bad, but it’s the type of damage that creates mold. Allowing mold to build up can lead to bug infestation such as termites.

You need to fix kick-out flashing straight away because it can get to a point where nothing is supporting the connection between roof and wall except stucco. That type of damage can cost far more to repair than having a professional replace or repair the kick-out flashing element. Having this repaired sooner will prevent much more expensive repairs in the future.

Contact A Roofing Professional For Your Project

Serving Anderson SC and the surrounding areas, Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles makes roof repair and maintenance simple. Call us today and we’ll have it done! We can handle your complex repairs with ease and in a timely manner. We provide outstanding craftsmanship coupled with fantastic customer service. We know that the winter months in South Carolina can take a big toll on roofs.

Call our Greenville roofing contractors to schedule maintenance and repairs for your home. What we will do is go through what we suggest you repair, then you make the decisions on what actually gets done. We come straight to you and can work in a way that’s safe for your entire family.

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