Can Solar Panels Damage Roofing?

February 28, 2023

Rooftop solar has come a long way. No longer are they bulky contraptions that require constant maintenance. Solar panels come with so many benefits that it’s hard to pose any argument against them. However, one major concern that homeowners still have is the integrity of their roof.

Can solar panels cause roof damage, yes? However, if properly installed and from a reputable roofing company, they shouldn’t. Carefully weigh these aspects if you’re thinking about putting solar panels on your roof.

Big Changes Are Coming

Currently, California has big changes in the works for solar energy. Solar energy though has the same problem as other forms of energy. You simply can’t store it. The big issue that these upcoming changes will fix involves making the panels more impactful.

Right now, the solar panels produce peak power at midday hours. Unfortunately, peak usage is in the late afternoon. It’s reasonable to assume that this fluctuation is a fair representation of people getting off work and out of school.

Fortunately, a new technology which is coming eastward will help take the time-of-use into account for metering. So how does this factor into your home’s health? The issue is that if you have a system installed now, and then a better system comes out you’ll need to have the whole thing redone.

Lifetime Expectancies Can Impact Your Home

Your average life expectancy on a roof is about thirty years. The estimated life on solar panels is twenty years; however, no one has put that to the test. The solar panels aren’t meant to last through extreme heat, cold, or winds. That issue is apparent, and they can pose problems with wind damage to your home.

The cycle that happens in this scenario is that a homeowner installs a new solar panel system. Then after five years they’re cracked, damaged, and need replacing. While the repair person is on your roof, they uninstall the old system and reinstall a new system. Then another five years go by, and the same thing happens again.

Solar panels cause damage to the roof only during the installation process. To many, this seems like a one-time risk. But if you’re in the process of constantly replacing the system, you’re taking that chance of damage every five or six years.

Installation Concerns

Without a doubt, you should not install solar panels on your own. Yes, you can buy them independently, and you could make a weekend out of it. But the biggest risk that comes into play is during installation.

Always work with a reputable roofing company. You should take the time to review and question potential installers to make sure that they value your home as much as you do. Professional installers will take preventative measures to avoid roof damage and explain any impact they will have on your home.

Finally, to soothe your installation concerns, you should schedule a roofing inspection prior to the solar panel installation. First, this inspection can help you decide if you need to make any repairs before the solar panels come in. Second, you can use this report as a marker to help assess any damage that came from the installation process.

Consider Solar Shingles

The future is here, and solar roof tiles or shingles are available in select areas. The electricity-generating factors are built right into roof shingles and completely eliminate the need for mounts. The option generally looks better, but the costs are high.

What makes the expense worth it in these cases is that there is virtually no risk of roof damage. As there are no mounted systems that means you’re not drilling holes into your roof or weighing down weakened areas. Your roof can remain secure while you still benefit from solar panels.

Reach Out for a Quote From a Reputable Roofing Company

Contact your local roofing contractor at Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles for answers to any of your questions. Whether it’s regarding the possibility of damage to your roof, or the need for a pre-installation roof inspection, our team is here to help.

Our contractors always lookout for what is best for the homeowners throughout the Anderson community. If you’re nearby, trust an experienced roofing expert to identify areas of repair and concern. Finally, if you believe that your roof took on damage from solar panels, call Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles immediately.

Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles can provide exceptional service, honest quotes, and personalized service. Our focus is always on the community and helping homeowners make decisions with a clear understanding of the impact it will have on their homes.

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