Repair, Patch, or Replace? Metal Roofing Questions Answered

February 27, 2023

Metal roofing comes with various questions because so many of us grew up with traditional asphalt or tile shingled roofing. Now that metal roofing is making quite the comeback; homeowners are quick to get on board, but not sure of what they should do when damage does strike. Roofing companies, experts in housing repair and upgrades, and many homeowners have hailed metal roofing for its durability. Certainly, it is the most durable roofing material.

However, unlike the legendary metals that grace the Marvel Universe, even the most durable metal roofing material can take some damage over the years. Here is when trouble initially sets in. How do you fix a metal roof? If you have shingles, you might think it’s an easy solution. But, panels and full roof metal sheeting are a bit of a different beast. Here are some of your questions answered right here!

Common Metal Roofing Repairs

The most common metal roofing repairs include fixing dents and punctures. These can be simple fixes, and most metal roofing contractors can handle them in a short time frame. As with Standard roofing materials, the goal is to get ahead of the damage. A puncture, even in a metal roof, it can lead to carpentry damage was in the attic and compromise the integrity of the structure.

The other common area of repair for metal roofing is the flashing, which protects the edges of the roof and areas where the roof connects with different pictures such as the chimney.

Then there are issues that come up from for installation. Improperly driven screws can create leakage and even cause the metal to crack or tear. It may not be noticeable for months or even years after the roof was installed, but underdriven, overdriven, and screws that are driven in at the wrong angle can cause a variety of issues.

Replacing and Patching Shingles or Damaged Panels

Shingles and panels are the easiest to work with when it comes to repairs. Metal roof shingles are often used in residential regions to help homes look seamlessly like their neighbors. This can mean that the shingles may become dislodged or even blow off from time to time. It’s a simple fix or patching and replacing the missing or damaged shingle.

Patching damaged panels is a bit of a bigger project in that the patching material is often brought in. Patches are a go-to option for panels, and often you can’t tell that there’s a patch from the ground. Commercial properties tend not to care about patches, especially if they have flat roofs as aesthetics aren’t a concern.

Full Roof Replacement?

If you have a metal roof, then it’s likely that you’ll never really need a full roof replacement. Most metal roofing will easily outlast 70 years, and some materials can last well over 100 years. However, you may consider a full roof replacement for visual elements. We only encourage a full roof replacement if the homeowner wants it, or if the Integrity of the house is at risk.

Are you considering making a move to a metal roof and want a full roof replacement to switch materials? Call us straight away!

How Will You Know Which Repair is Right for You?

The best way to know if you need a repair, patch, or full roof replacement is to speak with a local metal roofing contractor. Arranging for a consultation where you can have a professional look at the integrity of your roof, and the extent of the damage will let you make an informed decision about how to proceed with repairs.

Metal roofing often needs very little attention in the way of repairs and maintenance. However storm damage, and damage from animals crawling over or into the roof can post some trouble. Schedule a regular annual roofing inspection to get ahead of damage before you see leakage.

Anderson Metal Roofing the Local Anderson Roofing Company

If you suspect that your metal roofing needs a repair, whether you’re in a residential or commercial area, contact Anderson metal roofing. We worked closely with businesses and homeowners throughout Anderson, and are often the first on the scene when it comes to making any variety of repairs.

Our years of experience and high-value of craftsmanship ensures that we get the job done right. We take pride in supporting property owners understand all of their options and what each different option could provide in long-term results. For repairs, patches, and replacements of metal roofing, contact Anderson Metal Roofing.

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