Why Metal Roofs in Anderson, SC Are Best for Heat

February 27, 2023

Anyone who lives in Anderson, South Carolina is familiar with the heat. Temperatures can reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. As a result, keeping your house cool may be a difficult and expensive process. Having metal roofs in Anderson, SC, on the other hand, may help you keep your home cooler and save money on your energy costs.

Since it is highly reflective, metal roofs in Anderson can help to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. Metal has a low thermal mass, allowing it to reflect rather than absorb light and heat. This means that the majority of the sunlight that the metal roofs in Anderson are exposed to is reflected away from your home, reducing heat transmission.

When the temperature outside drops, the metal substance will become significantly cooler. Metal roofs come in a range of colors and finishes. Adding pigmentation can assist to emit up to 90% of the heat that is absorbed.

In a very hot climate, such as Anderson, SC, homeowners can go a step further by choosing metal products with inbuilt airspace between the back of the metal panel and the underlayment. This little piece of insulation inhibits even more potential heat transmission, allowing the underlying building components to absorb it instead.

In What Ways Can a Metal Roof in Anderson, SC Keep a House Cool?

If you’ve ever attempted to buckle your seatbelt in a car that’s been sitting in the sun on a hot day, you know how the metal reacts to the heat. So, how would metal roofs in Anderson aid in the cooling of a home? It may appear to be paradoxical, yet that is not the case.

  • Metal Roofs Reflect Sunlight:

Metal, though it can be heated in the sun, is also extremely reflective. This means that rather than absorbing the light and heat of the sun, it reflects it away. Although the metal on your roof may feel hot to the touch, the home under it, however, will be cooler since less heat will enter your home.

  • Metal Roofing Is Energy-Efficient:

There will be less heat entering into your home since a metal roof may reflect most of the heat from the sun away from your house. This means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. A metal roof can save the amount of energy required for your air conditioner to cool your house by up to 40 percent.

  • Metal Roofing Can Help You Save Money:

The harder your air conditioner has to work; the more electricity it consumes. That electricity comes at a price. Furthermore, the harder your air conditioner has to work, the sooner it will wear out or break, and replacing or fixing it will be costly. You may save a lot of money on electricity bills by lowering the load on your air conditioner. Metal roofs in Anderson, SC, with their energy efficiency can assist in this regard.

Best Kind of Metal Roof for Heat:

Metals and paints with superior reflecting and energy-efficient characteristics than others are available. Before you invest in a metal roof to save money on your electricity bills, do some research to see which type is ideal for your property. There are additional factors to take into account, such as strength and durability, because any roof in Anderson, SC must be able to endure tornadoes.

  • Cool Roof Technology:

Cool metal roof technology has been adopted by many manufacturers. The solar reflectance of a cool metal roof is high, whereas the emittance is low. Its surface quality has a big impact on how well it cools. Lighter metal roofs, such as white and gray, are better at keeping a home cool.

What Is the Best Roof Color for Heat?

The lighter the roof color, the more heat it will reflect rather than absorb. The color of the metal roof is more important than the substance it is constructed from. When it comes to picking a metal roof, you have the option of picking both the color and the material, so go with a light shade.

Reasons to Choose Us:

The primary objective is to select a roofing material that is the best match for your home. If you have your eyes set on getting a metal roof in Anderson, SC, but are concerned that it may not be suitable for your local climate, it’s vital to know that you have alternatives. The color choice and technology influence the efficiency of the cooling characteristics of the material.

By examining your home’s construction and coming up with an acceptable solution, a skilled roofer should be able to mitigate the temperature fluctuations. We have experience building high-quality roofs that contribute to your home’s overall health.

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