Do You Need to Clean Off Your Metal Roof?

February 27, 2023

One of the most common misconceptions about having a metal roof is that it doesn’t require any cleaning. We’d like to dispel that. Unfortunately, many people will choose to have a metal roof on their commercial or residential structure and not maintain their roof. That often means that the 70 or more year lifespan of a roof of this type can quickly diminish into the 30 to 50-year range. Yes, you do need to clean off your metal roof. However, cleaning is not necessarily the most important maintenance for metal roofing.

Metal roofing does stay relatively clean on its own because it doesn’t use a structure that would keep debris in place. Rather than cleaning your metal roof may require coding and maintenance to ensure that it doesn’t rust or fall into disrepair. The cleaning itself may centralize more around the gutter system than necessarily the roofing.

Shingles and Panels

Metal shingles and panels are constructed in a way where debris can easily roll or fall off of the roof. It is exceptionally difficult to walk on metal roofing, and many people feel uncomfortable trying to remove debris from the metal roof because they fear they may dent it by walking on it.

It is highly unlikely that you’re going to Dent the metal roofing by walking on it, but walking on a metal roof is extremely dangerous. You should leave that to the trained professionals who have the equipment and experience to safely walk on these extremely select surfaces. Keep in mind that unlike asphalt shingles, there is no natural grit or grip on these surfaces.

Metal shingles and panels should direct any debris on the roof directly down into the gutter, and that includes ice, snow, and hail. Metal roofing is far more resistant to winter weather than traditional asphalt roofing or clay tiles. To ensure that any debris has an easy chance of rolling off the roof, it’s best to make sure that your gutter system is clear.

Cleaning Your Gutter System

Metal roofing naturally retains quite a bit of heat, and that means that ice and snow can easily fall down over the counter system and begin to melt. Those who live in conditions where winter snow is regular should consider a heated wire system for their gutters. This can be a wire that runs in the bottom of the gutter or one that runs across the top where it meets the roof.

The heated wire running through the gutter system will help ensure that the gutters don’t freeze up with ice and back up the entire system. It’s vital for gutters to remain clear to ensure that there aren’t issues regarding debris build-up on top of the gutters.

That brings up the next point of assisting your gutter system in the best way possible. Installing a leaf guard or netting over the gutter system can ensure that it catches big things like leaves or tree debris. Often tree waste can make the entire gutter system backup, and it is a pain to clean. Because of the metal roofing, it’s more likely that you’ll see higher amounts of waste on your gutters. That waste isn’t sitting on the roofing. It’s falling down onto the gutter system. With netting or a leaf guard, you can easily take a brush and simply sweep that debris away, knowing that it did not get into your gutter system at all.

It’s when gutter systems become backed up or clogged that you run into issues with Roofing. Even with metal roofing, it is possible to have troubles or issues with your fascia and soffit that can result in past infestation and compromising your carpentry.

Support for Your Metal Roofs Winter Needs

Metal roofing does require regular maintenance, and some of it you may feel comfortable doing yourself. However, when a homeowner is not comfortable or doesn’t feel safe climbing up near their roof, then it’s time to call in roofing professionals. Your metal roof may not need regular cleaning through the winter months when it is most dangerous to get up on or near your roof. However, you may need additional help to keep your gutters clear.

The first step in determining whether or not your roof needs maintenance is to get an assessment of the status of the roof. If it does need cleaning, it may also need general maintenance, and that is often found during a roof inspection. Scheduling a roof inspection or asking a professional to come out and review the roof’s need for cleaning should start with Anderson Metal Roofing.

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