How Does A Skylight Leak Damage Your Anderson, SC Roof

February 26, 2023

Skylights add to the beauty of the home. But this beauty can become a problem if not installed correctly. Its major purpose is to provide light to the interior and make it aesthetically pleasing. Skylight leak damage to your Anderson, SC roof is a common issue faced by the skylight owners. In such a situation, you need proper specialists to repair the damage and prevent it from conceding in. Skylight not only is aesthetically appealing but also saves money by enhancing the energy efficacy of the homes. In order to take full advantage of its benefits, make sure to get it repaired by specialists who have innovative skills and know the proper techniques to fix the issue.

The skylight adds to the beauty but once damaged it costs an arm and a leg to repair. According to research, the average cost to repair a skylight in Anderson is $268.00 to $339.00. If you notice any crack in your skylight, do not wait and contact the specialist to prevent it from conceding. Make sure that you hire a specialist who uses high-end material to repair it and does it the right way. It is also very necessary that before installing a skylight, the strength and width of the roof are noted whether it can accommodate the skylight or not. A weak roof will result in failed installation and future collapse.

Major Reason Behind A Leaking Skylight:

The leaking skylight of an Anderson, SC roof can be because of various reasons which are described underneath. Therefore, it is important to note these reasons and avoid them in future installations.

Improper Installation:

Improper installation is the major reason behind skylight leakage. To install the skylight, a hole is created in which the window is fitted. If it is not fitted accurately it will eventually cause leakage and will collapse later on.

Broken Flashing:

Flashing is the major metal component that prevents leakage. If it is of bad quality, damaged, missing, or broken, it will eventually cause leakage.

Inadequate Insulation of Skylight:

Improper insulation of the skylight will cause concentration on the glass which is another common factor that causes the leakage.

Bad Weather:

Bad weather is another major factor behind the leakage. It can cause cracks in the external of the glass because of which water droplets start collecting and become a problem for proprietors.

Effects of a Leaky Skylight in an Anderson, SC Roof:

The leaky skylight of an Anderson, SC roof is a major problem that needs immediate attention and correction. It can ruin the entire roof and become a huge expense on the pocket. Some of the common problems caused by the leaky skylight are as below:

  • Mold Evolution:

One of the major problems of leaky skylight is mold growth. They usually grow on moist and damp surfaces so the leaky surface becomes the ideal place for their growth and cause various problems for the owner. They destroy not only the beauty of the house but also cause various medical issues to the owners like asthma, headache, allergies, etc.

  • Damages the Ceiling:

The entire interior of the roof is disrupted because of water buildup. It destroys the ceiling by causing bubbling of the paint, discolored stains, and by causing the wood to rot.

  • Other Damages:

The impact of the damage is on the entire house. It destroys the surrounding furniture, carpeting, electrical devices, and other home kinds of stuff.

How to Protect a Skylight from Leaking:

Skylight leakage should not be ignored and be repaired as soon as it starts getting damaged. To avoid this procedure, take some necessary precautionary measures which are described below to avoid damages.

  1. Arranging yearly roof maintenance
  2. Observing the cracks in the skylight edges
  3. Make sure to use good quality material in the installation
  4. Make sure that the skylight is installed correctly
  5. Make sure that the seal between the flashing and sealing is consistent

Do not overlook these measures as they will help you in saving not only your but also the entire structure of your building. It will help in minimizing the future consequences and will maintain the beauty of the roof as well.

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