The Importance of Downspouts for Your Anderson Metal Roofing

February 27, 2023

When it comes to water collection for your home, gutters are operated as the main source while these downspouts are only of a certain length. These metal pipes are used to stop rainwater from being gathered at your roof and seeping into your walls. You might wonder about the final destination of the water after being collated by the gutters. At Anderson Metal Roofing, we will guide you regarding downspouts and their importance. There is a lot of significance when we talk about properly operating downspouts.

According to the data collected by the Freedonia Group, the demand for gutters and downspouts in America is expected to grow at the rate of 2.0 percent per annum to $4.1 billion in 2025.

Keep Water Away From the Foundation:

Water should be kept away from the foundation because houses are only water-resistant up to a particular point. There may be structural issues in other parts of your house even if there is no leakage in your ceiling. There might be a negative impact if water is not kept away from the foundation, whereas damaging the foundation is a very serious problem.

If you leave the water to gather near your house’s foundation and enough water stands there, it will seep into the foundation and it may be dangerous for your home’s infrastructure. Therefore, downspouts are used to transport water away from your home and beneath the soil.

Avoid Damp, Flooded Basements:

The concrete surface of your basement floor is dense and fairly compact based on the style of your home and location. Flooding begins until the water rises at your basement entry points if there are no operational downspouts.

Prevent Unsightly Yard Erosion:

A proper drainage system, not just only preserves your house’s structure, but also inhibits unsightly yard erosion. There could be natural pockets or dents in which water is collected based on the incline of your property and gardening in your yard. If an appropriate amount of water is not carried away by the downspouts, there will be more water in them which will result in destroying the soil underneath.

Longer Roof Lifespan:

You need to check whether the gutters are clogged or not, if not checked thoroughly, they will overflow with rainwater and leak under your roof causing damage to your roof’s ceiling. As time follows, the roof is weakened and mold in the roof will grow to cause further damage to your house. To protect your roof and grant it a longer lifespan, you need to ensure your gutters are properly installed.

Protect Your Home’s Siding:

You could damage your roof and foundation as well as the siding; mainly if it is a wood-based product as water damage is extensive. They must be working properly to avoid any damages. Cracked downspouts cause siding as water flows down your siding and eventually results in cracks and mold. If there is continuous rainfall, water can get underneath the siding and cause damage too.

In order to keep your house in good shape and structure, you should know the importance of well-operating downspouts. Not only proper installation, but also clean and clear downspouts are also significantly vital.

Downspout Extensions:

A well-maintained gutter system can play an important role in protecting your house if you live in a rainy climate. Instead of water spreading everywhere and reaching into places where it can be harmful like mold, downspout extensions are used to enable water to drain in a calm manner. Downspout extensions cannot be neglected if they are set up. They should be working in order as they are an important part of your house’s drainage.

In order to get the most out of the downspout extensions, they should be properly installed. If not installed properly or installed too close to the house, it can lead to cause serious damages as water might sweep into unwanted areas of the house. Instead of putting your house at risk, you should hire a professional.

Get in Touch With Anderson Metal Roofing:

Downspouts start to cause water-related damage as the owners often ignore them. Downspouts and downspout extensions are imperative. Nonetheless, installing them is not as easy as it seems. You need a professional in order to install them correctly.

To protect your home and roof, remember to check your gutters and downspouts on regular basis. They may become choked if you do not check them. We recommend that you hire a professional to clean for you instead of cleaning them by yourself.

Our team of professionals at Anderson Metal Roofing will help you protect your house and your family from costly water or structural damage. Call us today.

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