Common Myths about Metal Roofing

February 27, 2023

Metal roofs are made from ridged galvanized steel sheets for long-lasting roofing and resistance from water, fire, and insects. It was previously associated with industrial buildings only, however, it’s gained popularity in residential housing. After investing in a house, it makes sense to protect it with a durable roof that would last you a long period of time. Despite the increasing popularity of metal roofs, people are still reluctant to invest in metal roofing because of the myths that circulate around them.

  • Metal Roofs Are Outdated:

When hearing about metal roofs, people tend to picture old barns or warehouses with tin roofing. However, that isn’t the case anymore. Companies now provide endless designs, sizes, and colors for metal roofs. They’re designed to match the aesthetics of any home and match the requirements of all homeowners. Metal roof designs are similar to clay, concrete, or slate tiles. They also have a wide range of colors as well as popular organic shades such as copper and bronze.

  • Metal Roofs Attract Lightning:

Lightning takes the shortest route to the ground, making tall objects, such as trees, more prone to being struck. The chances of your house being struck by lightning are the same whether you have a metal roof or not. Even though metal roofs are made from conductive materials, it does not attract lightning. Instead, in case of being struck, the effect of the strike spreads out throughout the structure of the house and reduces the effect at any one place by transferring it straight to the ground. Furthermore, metal is noncombustible which means the roof will not catch fire, as compared to other materials.

  • Not Energy Efficient:

It’s a common misunderstanding that metal roofs make homes too warm in summers. Indoor temperatures depend on the insulation of the home, not the type of roof used. Metal roofs have high reflectivity which reflects light towards the sky. They instantly deflect heat energy instead of absorbing it. Metal roofs incorporate cooling technologies that enable them to have high solar reflectance. Other roof types tend to absorb more heat which is transferred to the attic of the home. This makes the house warmer and more energy is required to lower the temperature. On the other hand, in winters metal roofing does not affect the temperature of the house and it is again, solely dependent on the insulation.

  • Prone to Rust:

Nowadays, materials used for metal roofs are better and ensure there will be no unappealing rust streaks. They are painted with special roofing paints which guarantee resistance from wind and rain. This helps in further increasing the life of the roof and maintain the beauty of the house.

  • Too Heavy:

Surprisingly, metal roofing materials are one of the lightest ones as compared to its alternatives available in the market. It varies from metal to metal, but it is still lighter than the majority of other roofs such as standard asphalt roofs. Sometimes metal roofs are installed on top of damaged asphalt roofs because of their lightweight. If your home can support a heavy asphalt roof, it can surely support a metal roof as well.

  • Too Noisy:

Previously metal roofs were installed differently with no padding which resulted in a lot of noise during rain or hailstorms. Some people might enjoy the sound of raindrops on their roof, but it’s not for everyone. The installation of metal roofs now makes a huge difference in the amount of noise transmitted through the roof. They are as quiet as asphalt roofs now.

  • Not Environmentally Sustainable:

Metal roofs last for almost two times longer than other roofing materials. They can be recycled instead of being dumped which makes them the most eco-friendly solution. Most metal roofs are made from recycled steel and all contents of the roofs are recyclable. Good quality metal roofs require less maintenance, thus the need for harmful chemicals needed for treatment is lowered. This proves that a metal roof is a green solution for every homeowner.

  • Too Expensive:

The initial cost of installing a metal roof is higher than regular shingles, however, due to the gained popularity of metal roofs, many companies now offer metal roofs at the same price as shingles. The long-lasting nature of metal roofs should also be taken into consideration when making a decision. The upfront cost may be high, but it requires little to no maintenance as compared to shingles.

Anderson Metal Roofing specializes in providing the best metal roofing solutions to its clients. If you’re interested in getting one installed for your home, we can make that happen in the most convenient manner possible.

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