Can You Inspect Your Own Metal Roof?

February 27, 2023

You certainly can inspect your own roof to some degree. It may be best to bring on an Anderson roofing professional if you suspect that there’s any possibility of damage, but you can do a cursory walkthrough on your own. Metal roofing will last between 50 and 80 years, and the damage is not frequent. However, damage to the metal roof can lead to substantial damage both to the roof and to the building.

Go through these steps to get a guide on how to begin the evaluation of your roof. It’s always best to be more critical than To shrug your shoulders and say it looks fine. Keep in mind that a roof inspector will have the most critical eye possible while they are conducting an inspection.

Check for Damage from the Ground

When inspecting a roof, you’ll always want to start from the ground up. Additionally, it can be extremely dangerous to climb up onto your roof. The roof itself may be slick, and it’s likely that it’s sloped steeply, which can lead to slipping and falling. Almost all metal roofing is installed with a steep slope, and many people who aren’t roofing contractors are not used to walking on that angle.

When looking for damage from the ground, you’ll want to look at the overlap, caulk, rust spots near flashing, and the quality of the shingles. As you walk around your property, you’ll want to look at the roof sheathing. Additionally, you should not be able to see any part of the underlayment.

Elements of a roof inspection that you cannot see from the ground include direct damage. Standing from the ground, you likely won’t be able to see any holes or punctures in the metal, which may have come from animal damage, or weather damage specifically hail.

Evaluate Your Gutters and Caulking

Your gutters can tell you quite a bit about your roof. Additionally, it’s a great way for homeowners to inspect part of the roof without actually climbing onto the roof. Evaluating your gutters from a ladder position should allow you to see that water and debris are freely flowing off the roof and into the gutters rather than pooling on the roof. Pooled water can Create substantial amounts of damage on metal roofing.

From your position near the gutters, you should be able to visually evaluate the seams, including horizontal panel teams, panel fasteners, metal panels, and vertical panel seems. If you realize any signs of deterioration or color change, excluding copper materials, then contact a roof inspector immediately.

Know Your Roof’s Lifespan

Most metal roofing will have a lifespan between 50 and 70 years, but some metal roofing will have a lifetime lifespan. Metal roofing is often sold with the concept that it should outlast the house itself. That doesn’t mean that you can go completely without maintenance, and you should still have an annual inspection.

Additionally, the installation method for the materials can change how often You need repairs and maintenance. Metal shingles are more susceptible to damage than metal panels. There may be large parts of the shingles that are unsupported, and there may be areas of shingles that are more susceptible to wind damage.

Common Damage to Metal Roofing

Among the most common types of damage to metal roofs is excessive moisture and damage from winds. It’s likely that you’ll notice the damage related to these two particular issues through leaks within your home. Corrugated metal roofing, in particular, responds negatively to excessive moisture, which is extremely common here in the Carolinas during the summer months.

Another common type of damage to metal roofing is pulling on either of the panels or shingles. The pulling on panels and shingles can come from high-speed winds and the presence of animals. Larger creatures such as raccoons and opossums a climbing over your roof may display similar shingles, while high winds may pull the shingles or panels upward. Even with the durability of metal, ongoing pushing or pulling can eventually offset your roofing materials.

Contact Anderson Metal Roofing

If you’re worried about your roof, then you might consider having a professional inspection done. Nearly every home and business should at least have an annual roofing inspection to detect leaks and damage early before they can do any real damage. An annual roofing inspection will often not take very long, and you’ll be provided with a full report of our findings.

Contact Anderson Metal Roofing today to learn about our inspection process and to start chatting with our expert roofing contractors.

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