Can Hurricanes Affect a Metal Roof?

February 27, 2023

We are at the tail end of hurricane season, and hopefully, the worst is behind us. Hurricanes can ravage South Carolina, and it’s possible that they can absolutely destroy roofing materials. Many people have chosen to invest in higher quality roofing materials and to get away from asphalt shingles. This is common not just for businesses who frequently used metal roofing, but also for residential purposes.

You can certainly use metal roofing materials for commercial and residential structures. In both cases, the property owners should experience a higher degree of resistance to natural elements, including extreme weather. Metal roofing often holds up better to high winds, hail, ice, and snow better than alternative roofing materials. That doesn’t mean that they are completely damage-proof. There are many times, especially during hurricanes where metal roofs could take on scratches, and even punctures.

Hurricanes in the Carolinas

Hurricane season rolls into South Carolina each year between June and November, with the worst months being August and September. Most of the time these hurricanes have the biggest impact on coastal cities, but occasionally they can make their way pretty far inland.

The combination of high force winds and heavy rain can do a lot of damage to traditional roofing materials. Clay roofing, tile roofing, and asphalt roofing often take the biggest hit. Some people can completely lose the Integrity of their roof and need an entire roof replacement. However, some people get by with just a bit of damage and minor repairs.

The best way to protect your home from harsh weather conditions is to look at metal roofing materials that can withstand this type of damage year after year.

Wind Force and Metal Shingles

Wind forces are often what do the most damage to roofs because they grab at the Edges of shingles and the rest is history from there. However, metal roofing is very resistant to high winds and even FEMA recommends installing metal roof systems in high-wind regions. These are mostly seen through the gulf, but South Carolina homeowners can greatly benefit from moving to a metal roofing system.

Metal shingles provide the middle ground between metal panels and traditional roofing material. Most metal shingles are made to look exactly like asphalt shingles. Of course, you can visually identify that the shingles are at a much higher quality than asphalt shingles. However, many homeowners turn to metal shingles as a way to appease their homeowner’s association while still getting all the benefits of metal roofing.

Will Metal Panelling Hold Up in a Hurricane?

Metal paneling should hold up through most extreme weather. Of course, high-level hurricanes can do substantial damage and even with the most precautionary approach to structure preservation, roofing can sustain damage.

Panels are different from metal shingles in reference to the surface area that they cover. Traditionally shingles are not extra nearly large and are usually on a strip of three or five. Metal shingles are made to recreate that look so they are smaller and surface area. Metal paneling can be many feet long by many feet wide.

It is possible that metal panels carry a higher risk of damage during a hurricane with high winds. If a panel lifts, then it’s likely that the entire panel would bend, crack, or detach. However, that is still highly unlikely. Even though South Carolina has a hurricane season each year, metal roofing materials should last for a minimum of 60 years.

Should You Schedule Roof Repair Before Winter?

Metal Roofing Solutions with Anderson Metal

Metal roofing is extremely resilient however there is still a concern for having it regularly checked for damage. If you have metal roofing and are worried that the recent hurricane season had a substantial impact on it, schedule a roof inspection. Anderson Metal Roofing does installations, inspections, repairs, replacement, and more. Metal roofing is quickly coming back as one of the top trending roofing materials.

Metal roofing is largely accepted as a disaster-proof or damage-proof material. But there is still the opportunity that objects blown in high winds, and some weather elements such as hail can cause damage to metal shingles and panels. Learn more about the damage your roof might have taken during Hurricane Season by contacting Anderson Metal Roofing.

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