Benefits of Having a Professional Inspect for Storm Damage

February 27, 2023

Metal roofing brings in a lot of Peace of Mind. Most commercial building owners that have metal roofing know that they don’t have to worry about anything really except for summer storm damage, and extremely harsh winter conditions. Metal roofing can be susceptible to wind damage but is hardly subject to flooding. The bigger issues are severe summer storms, including hurricanes and severe winter conditions, including ice and hail.

If you’re worried about how your roof came through the summer, then it’s time to schedule a professional inspection. Inspections are best done between these harsh Seasons. That means in the early-Fall, you have the opportunity to inspect for any damage that happened during the summer. Then again, in mid-spring, you have the chance to uncover any damage caused by winter conditions. Contact our Anderson roof specialists for assistance.

Hurricanes and More

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently announced that they believe the 2020 hurricane season will be far above average for North Carolina. We are going to see many more hurricanes this year, and forecasters believe that there’s only about a 30% chance of seeing the normal level of hurricanes we have here in North Carolina.

The peak of the season will fall between August and October, with probably the heaviest activity happening and late September to early October.

Have Someone Check Stability

One of the primary benefits of having a metal roof is that you don’t have to take the cost of building an additional supporting structure. Most metal roofing relies on the existing structure of the building, which is just one more way to make metal roofing cost-effective. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need someone to occasionally check the structure and support of the metal roofing. You don’t want to have any unexpected wear, or stress on the roof, causing severe injury.

Checking the roof for stability includes monitoring any leaks, assessing for leak repair, planning out marring care, and handling dents.

Signs of Summer Storm Damage

Dents, impressions, lifted shingles, and similar are all signs of summer storm damage. Although metal roofing can withstand a substantial amount of damage, it can’t withstand everything. Summer storms, particularly troublesome hurricanes, often come with high winds.

Most residential homes that have metal roofing will use shingles. The idea is that the metal shingles will look almost exactly like traditional asphalt roofing. These shingles offer much less wind protection than paneling and other forms of metal roofing. Wind damage can be fairly severe with strong wind gusts and especially with hurricanes.

Dents can also come from animals. Animals are always a bit more lively through spring and summer and may have taken to jumping onto, or scampering across the metal roofing. Having a professional look at the damage can help determine which way is best to correct dented metal roofing.

Hail Damage to Metal Roofing

Hail damage is among the most common for metal roofing. Hailstones that are large enough to Dent the roof may also produce hairline cracks. The finish or the rubberized coating that sets over metal roofing is what usually takes the most amount of damage from hail. If a teensy bit of water gets through any damage in the coating, then the seepage can result in rust.

The only way to avoid rusting, or allowing further damage after hail has struck your roof, is to call in the professionals. It is a simple fix to correct the damage done to the finish or the rubberized coating. But if the damage isn’t corrected quickly, then you run the risk of more expensive damages.

Getting an Inspection

Anderson Metal Roofing heavily emphasizes the importance of getting a professional inspection between harsh seasons. We suggest that commercial building owners or managers schedule an inspection in mid-spring and early fall. Both harsh summer and winter conditions can cause drastic amounts of damage from animals, hail, and wind. With the strong hurricane season blowing into its peak, and summer storms causing pulling and flooding on flat roofing, you can never be too certain of the state of your metal roof. Both commercial and residential buildings with metal roofing should undergo regular inspections between storm seasons.

Contact Anderson Metal Roofing to schedule an inspection for your commercial building. The flat roofing materials, especially metal roofing, are exceptionally durable. But there isn’t any metal roofing material that is impervious to damage. Call us and to have a full scope inspection and we’ll explain if your roof needs any repairs, and what we suggest when it comes to prioritizing your repairs.

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