What Will Appraisers Look for During A Roof Inspection?

February 28, 2023

Appraisers are people who have proper licensing to evaluate your property. That will often evaluate the value or life of your roof and denote any damage. If you’re looking to sell your home, you may not be interested in the repair or replacement of your roof. But you should carefully consider hiring an Oconee county roofing contractor to inspect your roof first. Appraisers have a generally poor reputation for aiding in the sale of a home rather than giving fair and honest insight into the home’s value.

Shingle condition

As soon as an appraiser pulls up to your home, they’re evaluating the shingle condition. They’ll use it to help determine the age and value of your roof. Your shingles will impact the continued life of your room and may lead to many other problems as well. So, what do appraisers look for when it comes to shingles?

Curled, cracked, missing, and gapped shingles are the red flags of roof deterioration. This damage will often happen through years of harsh weather which hits Anderson fairly often. You can start looking for signs of shingle damage yourself.

If you’ve noticed that you have a few missing shingles, it might be worth replacing them before your appraiser comes in for the inspection. Appraisers will often survey the outside of the house first, and they won’t be fooled on any front. However, with a minor repair of shingle replacement, you can substantially boost an appraiser’s opinion of your home.

The issues that come with shingle damage can include termite infestation, mold buildup, leaks, and water damage. Shingle replacement is a quick and painless process compared to tenting for termites or attempting to eradicate mold from your home. If you know that your shingles need help get ahead of the problem now.

Roof Line and Sloping

A new roof should be level and even. But over the years through weather damage, pests, and more, some issues cause roofs to go uneven. Sagging or un-level sloping is often a sign of structural damage. An appraiser would have found structural damage with your beans and rafters either way. But an appraiser may also dock you for a bad roofline if it appears that your roof has aged poorly.


Flashings are the sealing between the open areas of your roof and everything underneath. These areas are usually around the edges of a chimney, ventilation areas, and around the plumbing pipes. Flashing repairs can be simple, contact a roofing expert to handle your flashing repair if this issue comes up with an appraiser.

Rafters and Sheathing

Your rafters and sheathing deck are the foundation of your roof. It’s the underside of your roof, and this part of the inspection takes place in the attic. Within the attic, the appraiser will take a look at the ridge beams, rafters, and decking. It’s also where they’ll be able to detect any leaks and to ensure that the beams are secure.

Rafter and sheathing damage both count as severe structural damage. This type of damage can hinder your ability to sell your home. However, an Anderson roofing contractor can repair the damaged section rather than replace the entire roof. Of course, each home is different, and the extent of the damage must play a part in deciding how best to repair the home.

Overall you may be able to work with a contract to stop movement or support beams that have weakened over the years. Many homeowners feel that their options are to let the house go without the update or to re-roof completely. That’s not the case. You have many options available.


Ventilation can have a substantial effect on the rest of your home. It can also take damage over the years. Even if you can’t see it from the ground ventilation damage can cause your home to be less efficient with heating and cooling. Additionally, ventilation problems can link to pest issues.

When checking for ventilation, an appraiser will look for hail damage within turbine vents. They’ll also look for the circulation of air in the home as well.

Contact Your Local Anderson Roofing Contractor

If you’re looking to sell your home anytime soon, you should have an unbiased opinion of your roof’s health. This can impact the value of your home, and you may be able to make repairs at relatively low costs.

To schedule a roofing inspection, call Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles. Our Oconee County roof contractors service the entire upstate region. A roofing contractor can help homeowners with inspections, repairs, and re-roofing.

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