Answering Your Top Questions About Your New Roof

February 27, 2023

When you have a new roof, there are clearly more common questions that take precedence over any of the odd or off-the-wall questions you might come across. We’re glad that you have a new roof, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about the upkeep and maintenance process.

These questions are common, and it might seem awkward to ask your roofing contractor about worries that people have over older roofs. But, we know you’re just trying to plan for the months and years ahead of you. You have a household to maintain, and we’re always here to help. Contact our Anderson roofing experts today.

How Long Will Your New Roof Last?

A new roof with cement shingle roofing should last about 30 years, but here in the Carolinas, our winters are rough, and our summers are humid. The weather in South Carolina is not conducive to an ideal roof lifetime. But other materials such as slate or tile roofing can last for more than 50 years.

Slate and copper roofs have extensive-lasting power. Additionally, wood shake roofs last about 30 years. The trick is to start scheduling your roofing maintenance from year one. When you wait a few years to start keeping up on the maintenance, then you take the risk of deeper issues taking hold in your brand new roof.

Basically, your roof should last between 25 and 50 years, depending on the materials. However, you should always prioritize maintenance to extend the life and value of your roof.

Will You Need to Maintain Your Roof?

Yes, a roof will always require maintenance. Roofing maintenance is critical, and it can include not only replacing the occasionally cracked or curled shingles. Maintenance will include a chemicals wash, and annual or semi-annual inspection for mold and pests.

Maintaining a new roof is something that a lot of people fail to manage. They think that after paying for a new roof, they shouldn’t have to pay for service or maintenance on anything else for a while. But your new roof still needs attention. The South Carolina summers are humid and hot, which is the perfect combination for mold growth.

Mold doesn’t always grow directly on top of the roof, where you can see it. It can take hold under the fascia, high up on the structure, and even in the attic.

Should You Insure A New Roof?

A new roof should come with a limited guarantee. However, you should always add your roof to your homeowner’s insurance. In a general sense, your roof should already have protection from major damage within your homeowner’s policy. Things such as a storm swinging a tree into your roof are the things you should expect coverage for.

However, when you want to cover the cracking shingles, you should look into a roofer’s warranty. These warranties are often available for ten years at a time and can help cover some basic damages that just happen with time. There is also the opportunity to get a manufacture’s warranty. These warranties are negotiated through your roofer and are exclusively dependent on the agreement they reach between their services and the product manufacturer.

Is There Something Wrong with Green and Black Streaks?

Yes, if you have any green or black streaks on your roof, then you need to call someone in right away. You might initially believe that there’s no grand reason to get concerned about streaks because of how you carefully chose your roofing materials. But, even if you chose tile or slate roofing that can withstand mold well, it doesn’t mean your home won’t feel the adverse effects of the mold’s presence.

Black and green streaks on your roof are the giant red flag that you have mold. But mold on your shingles isn’t the only problem because mold attracts pests. That’s how most people get termites is the mold on their roof, attracting them to your home. It’s a struggle that many homeowners face, and it can happen within the first year of your new roof. A new roof will definitely protect your home, but it won’t safeguard you against other elements such as mold, pests, and severe storm damage.

Whenever you have any questions about installing a new roof or maintaining your roof, call Family Roofing right here in Anderson for help. Our team of expert roofing contractors can quickly answer your questions about keeping up a new roof, reroofing, or many other roofing options. We schedule repairs, make reroofing, and even carpentry repairs a breeze. Call us up now!

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