3 Homecare Insights Your Roof Wants You to Know

February 28, 2023

The saying is, “If walls could talk,” but what you would want to have a chat with is your roof. Your roof is the primary point of protection for you and your family. If you want to continue to have a roof over your head, you’ll take care to keep up with your home care.

But going beyond the typical, schedule an inspection, there are a few insights that many homeowners face with a blind eye. Not only are these homecare insights important to your roof, but they’re often important for your health and the overall efficiency of your home.

Don’t Procrastinate

So, you have a leak in your kitchen, but it’s only a problem when it rains. This means when it rains, you remember you need to repair the leak, but afterward, you forget again. Procrastinating on repairing leaks can be more costly as you’re allowing the repair of a few shingles to instead lead to mold and wood rot.

Procrastinating on leak repair isn’t the only thing that homeowners unintentionally delay. Ice dams are another major problem that homeowners face regularly. The trick with ice dams is that it doesn’t seem like procrastination, you’re simply letting the ice clear out on its own, which doesn’t happen quickly and can put a severe strain on your drainage systems.

Unfortunately, when you put off simple, but frustrating maintenance tasks, the entire home is put into jeopardy. With a leak, the roof can take on mold, invite in pests, and worse. Allowing ice dams to go unresolved can lead to the quick deterioration of your gutter system.

Gutter Cleaning Doesn’t Have to be a Pain.

Every homeowner has passed down the knowledge that gutter cleaning is essential. But why doesn’t it get done? It’s a pain and time-consuming. In South Carolina, where there are severe changes between seasons, you can quickly need to clean out your gutter systems twice or even three times per year.

You can eliminate the struggle and make cleaning your gutters easy. With inexpensive tools such as gutter “grates” which you can buy online and often install yourself, you can prevent large debris from entering the gutter system.

Instead of climbing up a ladder and fishing through your gutters with a gloved hand, spray or wipe off the debris every few weeks from the ground level. There are other tools that can make maintaining your gutter system easy too, such as heated lines, and screens which are very similar to grates.

Speak with a roofing contractor to decide which tools are right for your home. A small investment can make maintenance easier and extend the life of your gutter system, fascia, and ultimately, your roof.

Clean Out Your Attic

It’s intimidating. You might not know what’s up there, and yes, there are probably a variety of spiders. But, short of staring at a scene in a horror movie, you may never have considered your attic as a functioning room.

Even if you don’t use your attic for storage, a dusty attic can lead to issues with airflow, conceal the presence of mold, and play host to a variety of unwanted guests. More than a rogue rat, larger creatures such as bats and opossums often seek refuge in undisturbed attics.

Cleaning out your attic will help you:

  • Keep out large rodents and other critters
  • Identify mold from a leaking room
  • Improve airflow, keeping your house cooler.
  • Increase the efficiency of A/C systems due to improved airflow.

You don’t have to clean out your attic alone. In fact, you can outsource this task to an attic cleaning company! Get someone who is familiar with walking through attics and who won’t risk damaging your ceiling by stepping between beams.

If you’d rather clean it out yourself, be sure that you work safely. That means bringing up lighting with you, wearing protective gear, and letting someone know you’re in the attic.

Contact Your Local Roofing Experts

When in doubt, contact Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles. Our skilled and reliable technicians are able to assist you through any roofing need. From shingle repair to full roof replacement, we know that your roof is a vital part of your home.

Not only can you rely on Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles for repairs, but for honest and transparent consultations as well. Learn more about your roof, and what you can to do to protect your home from damage.

Contact Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles now to schedule a consultation and meet with one of our expert roofing contractors.

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