10 Safety Tips On How To Adequately Prepare For A Roof Replacement

February 27, 2023

A new roof needs planning, and getting one can be very exciting. The family watches in awe as the roof is ripped apart, leaving open space and paving the way of a new roofing system. The kids might want to get a closer peek or even get into the action. However, this can be dangerous. Once the roof replacement team arrives, your house officially becomes their work zone. And as is with most work zones, hazards are prone to happen unexpectedly.

At Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles, our professional roofing specialists ensure the roof replacement is done within the allotted time and is as seamless and stress-free as possible. We, however, do recognize that accidents can happen. That is why we invest heavily in ensuring that all necessary safety precautions and preparations are taken before, during, and upon the complication of the project.

We have put together ten tips that will help your roofing project go as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to help you and your family stay safe once the roofing renovations start.

1. Think about the safety of your kids and pets

The loud noises generated by the ongoing work can make your pets and small children anxious. It will disrupt their sleep routine. For the older kids, the work will be exciting to watch, but they should do so from a safe distance.

You, therefore, should talk with your children and explain to them the dangers involved. Point out the areas of the home or yard that will be off-limits once the roofing replacement starts up until it is completed. The little ones and pets might not fully comprehend these dangers. As a result, it would be best if you visited your relatives or friends and have them stay there while the project is underway.

2. Relocate your vehicles

The parking space will become the new spot for the roofing contractor. Why? Well, its because the roofers need quick access to their truck when they need to pick their tools or make a quick dash to the store for something.

The contractors need the parking so that they can situate their vehicles to load and offload materials. Therefore, you should keep your cars at a safe distance. Keep all doors of your storage shed or garage closed to keep out the dust and debris.

3. Takedown the decorations on the walls

All the pounding and drilling will produce vibrations that ripple through some of the walls of your house, more so if the deck also needs repairs. To ensure your things are safe, go through the rooms that are immediately below the roof.

Remove all the items hanging on the walls and ceiling, and this also applies to any temporarily-fixed decorations and fixtures such as chandeliers and fans. Do the same thing to the adjacent rooms.

A man on top of a new roof

4. Cover the stuff you have in the attic

The roofers will traverse your roof during the replacement, pounding, hammering, and drilling. Dust and small debris will fall from the roof during the new installation.

You, therefore, should cover your belongings if you want to keep them clean and reduce the amount of cleaning you will do to but light vacuuming once the roofing renovation is finished.

5. Move the items on the patio away from the work zone

You should relocate your outdoor furniture and items such as the grills, potted plants, lawn ornaments, and patio furniture to the shed or garage.

If you do not have a storage site for these things, then gather them in a designated section of the yard that is away from the work zone. Do not expect the roofing contractor to help you do this; you should plan to your stuff in a safe place inside and outside the house before the roof replacement starts.

6. Mow the lawn and prune trees before construction begins

You must trim the low hanging tree branches and overgrown bushes that are near and under the edges of your roof before the work commences. The roofing contractor will then cover the plants and clothes in the immediate perimeter of the roof with a drop cloth.

If the grass is short, it will help keep the small bits of fallen debris from hiding in the lawn. As a result, the roofing contractor will have an easier, faster, and more thorough clean up after completing the renovations.

7. Identify accessible power outlets

The roofing specialists will need unhindered access to electricity; therefore, you should ensure there as a few electrical outlets available for them to use. You can get power extension cables if you do not have exterior outlets or pick the electrical outlet in your garage for them.

Keep in mind that the extension lines pose a risk of tripping; therefore, they should run along an area that has less foot traffic. Also, pin or secure the cords to the ground as an added safety measure.

8. Remove antennas, satellite dishes, and such installation from your roof

Pull down all the satellite dishes and antennas that are on or near the roof. You can call the satellite or cable provider to handle this to avoid breaching any contracts you have with them.  If it is an old installation that you are not using or is not working, the roofers can remove and dispose of it for you.

9. Inform your neighbors about the planned construction work

You should alert your neighbors about the scheduled work, informing them of when it will start and is expected to end. In doing so, you will have allowed them to prepare and adjust so that they are safe and comfortable once your roof replacement project starts up until it ends.

10. Be aware of your surroundings during construction

The ongoing work at your property will produce different obstacles. Everything from the construction equipment, the old and new roofing materials, as well as the debris, can easily be a hazard. You do not want to get hurt when around the work zone. Therefore, you should always be extra alert when in and around the work area.

Lastly, you should maintain good communication with the roofing company during the construction. Ask them to give you suggestions on how you can make the work run smoother for the entire crew and make things comfortable for your family.

Always remember that the disruptions and inconveniences that renovations cause are temporary. Focus on how the new roof will transform your home.

Do You Need A New Roof?

Call experienced and reputable roofers when you need a new roof installed on your house. Keep in mind that you are spending money on the renovations, and you should get your money’s worth, and this is what Anderson Metal Roofing guarantees you.

Contact us online or call (864) 712-4088 to know more about the costs, schedule a free consultation, or have your home roofing questions answered.

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